Saturday, April 25, 2009

If your not happy....

Tell the maker of your product! Recently, I've had 2 luvs diapers tear on me before I got them on my son. Waste of money! I wrote them an email and are sending out compensation for me. They we're cheaper than the Walmarts Parents choice kind with a coupon. They were very nice and replied right away.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Scrapbooking deals!

Today, I was on the search for some 1$(or around there) clear stamps! I first went to the and found some on sale for 1.89. I HATE paying for shipping! They wanted like 7$ shipping and my scrapbooking budget was 25$. So I went to and found the same stamps for 1.39$ each! Plus I did my google-ing and found a free shipping code!!

I also got a block to mount the clear stamps on, and a "Fall Rub-on stack" that was on clearence for 3$!

Heres the stamps I got. I ended up getting 11 different ones.

I ended up getting everything for under 22$! DH will be proud!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Great Deals at Big Lots!

I know I'm over my grocery budget, but I found some great deals!

Premium Saltine Crackers for .85 cents a box! ( I got 2, I love them!)
8 pk Lemonade Gatorade for 2.75$

Sunday, April 12, 2009

More grocery recipts - April!

Left Of Budget: 188.94$

4/4 Biglots

12 pk bottled Water
1 lb animal crackers
(4) jars stage 2 baby food
bathroom cleaner
(10) 32oz G2
pancake mix
mashed potato mix
vanilla frosting
6 pk diet pepsi
pampers wipes

total: 29.66$

4/4 Walmart

frozen ravioli
(4)taco seasoning packs
infant ibprofin
jr tylonol
luvs diapers
pack of strawberries
pint of ice cream
pack of meat
10 jars beechnut baby food
sliced cheese

saved in coupons 3.50$
total 65.02

Left of budget: 94.26$

4/10 Biglots

6pk diet pepsi
(6) 32 oz G2s
hot sauce
2 jars baby food
lemon juice
mashed potato mix
nerds candy
(2) cup of noodles

Total: 14. 83

4/10 Walmart

frozen french fries
frozen chicken nuggets
(2) cans black beans
(2) cans hormel chili no beans
(5) packs jello pudding
(2) velveta
ranch dressing
(4) vanilla yogurts
refried beans
(3) bags shredded cheese
package deli ham
5lb bag flour
(10) jars baby food
3 pks gerber baby food
hair gel

saved in coupons: 3.90
total: 80.11$

left in budget: -0.68

GRRR!!!!!!!!!!!! Over again?! This is getting ridiculous! I mean...Seriously! LOL The only thing were going to need are fresh things and diapers for the rest of the month.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Car Insurance Savings

I saved money switching our car insurance!!

Zack was paying 155$(State Farm) a month for his and mine was 72$(Allstate) a month. Since we still live at my moms house she switched it to hers so everybody could drive all the cars(we have 3 cars). Our total now is 143$(Allstate) a month...FOR BOTH OF US! Thats a savings of 86$ a month! We also got the discount for being married.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

April Grocery Budget receipt!

Starting: 280$

As I said in the last post! I went shopping a little early for april!

saved in coupons: 4.70$

Jar of salsa
(2)boxes of crakers
boca chicken patties
loaf of bread
frozen ravioli
half gallon milk
bag of chocolate
sun laundry soap
(2) pringles
hair gel
tide laundry soap
(4)chocolate yogurts
10 jars beechnut baby food
a1 steak sause
saltine crackers
package of steak
parents choice diapers
G2 8 pk!

Left Of Budget: 198.96$


(8) 32oz G2's
4 jars 3rd stage beechnut baby food(.25cents each!!)
chai peppermint tea mix

Left of budget!: 188.94$