Thursday, April 2, 2009

April Grocery Budget receipt!

Starting: 280$

As I said in the last post! I went shopping a little early for april!

saved in coupons: 4.70$

Jar of salsa
(2)boxes of crakers
boca chicken patties
loaf of bread
frozen ravioli
half gallon milk
bag of chocolate
sun laundry soap
(2) pringles
hair gel
tide laundry soap
(4)chocolate yogurts
10 jars beechnut baby food
a1 steak sause
saltine crackers
package of steak
parents choice diapers
G2 8 pk!

Left Of Budget: 198.96$


(8) 32oz G2's
4 jars 3rd stage beechnut baby food(.25cents each!!)
chai peppermint tea mix

Left of budget!: 188.94$

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