Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Grocery Recipt

6/15Big Lots
Honey Nut Cherrios
Gatorade protein recover
16 gatorades
4 pk white tea
10 gerber graduate sides
6 pk diet pepsi
party mix
energy drink
pampers wipes
5- 6pk organic baby food
3-2pk gerber food

total: 49.01

2 red bulls
2 liter coke
cocktail mix

total: 10.68
saved with store card: 0.49

left of budget 82.79$

Monday, June 15, 2009

Approved Spending List-Week One. 6/15-6/21

Heres my Approved Spending List for FTJ Summer bootcamp at Mommysavers!

Week One:
-Groceries. We're going to use up what we have, but still get things as needed.

-Gas. When Needed. FTJ will fall for our 3 day vacation for our trip to California.

-Postage. Fathers day, mommysavers trade(mailed!), stamps(Got stamps!).

-20$ for alcohol :-P (Used, went over 5$)

-30$/week for my Husband.

-Medication copays.

-30$ entertainment (dine out, movies, rentals, ect)

*I'm editing as I go!

Grocery Recipt-6/14

159.54 Left of Grocery Budget

6 pk soda
1 lb ground beef
flour tortillas

total: 17.06

Left of grocery budget: 142.48

Friday, June 12, 2009

FTJ-Summer bootcamp!

If anyone has read this before, I did the Forget the Joneses bootcamp on Mommysavers in Jaunary. I'm in for another round! DH and I have slacked a little but we really want to save and get everything under control. He's on board with the bootcamp! Yay!

The first assignment is our approved spending list. Zack and I will be doing this tonight or tomarrow and it will be posted shortly!

grocery recipt-june 11

Walmart 6/11
small bottle chocolate milk
an item for 1$ - i dont know what this is lol
6 things of Gerber 2nd foods
2 gallons milk
3 packs kraft shredded cheese- cheaper than the store brand!!!
beef jerky

spent: 24.24$

left for june budget: 159.54$

I'm sure we'll buy milk when we go to california for the baby...i fear the prices! We picked it up at walmart for 1.66 a gallon!

My frugal scrapbooking trip!

If your someone from mommysavers, you might have already seen this, but if you havent, here it is!

I got 21$ for my 21st birthday(its on Sunday!) so of course, I've gotta go to the craft store. Heres my deals!

3 pieces of 12x12 paper! 40% off
2 8x8 albums orginally 14.99-50% off = paid 7.50$ EACH!
zots(glue dots) 40% off store coupon originally 3.49 = paid 2.09$
spring set of clear stamps- 60% off! Originally 4.99 = paid 2$!

total: 21.34$
saved: 20.07$

i couldnt resist!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Grocery Recipts-June 7!


2 boxes-family size poptarts
1 box regular size box poptarts
11 32oz gatorades
propel (FREE!)
2 boxes redvines
tic tac
twix bar
(2) little puffs(store brand of gerber puffs)
luvs diapers

saved w/ coupons and store card: 14.63
spent: 35.60$

Awesome Deals: Mega pack luvs diapers 9.99$-2$=7.99$, FREE PROPEL!, 2$ per box of poptarts


graham crackers
oatmeal cookie mix
2 frozen juices
frozen ravioli
2 cans Hormel chili-no beans
5lbs white rice
2 cans black beans
2 cans kidney beans
1 can chili beans
milk and cereal bars
2 pk toothpaste
2-12 pks sodas
6 baby food jars
2 boxes red baron singles
2 tombstone pizza(price match!)

Spent: 80.62
Saved in coupons: 1.50$

Awesome Deals: colgate toothpaste 2pk for 4$, Price matched Tombstone pizzas and saved 1.68$

Left in june budget: 183.78$
saved with coupons so far: 16.13$

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wow! Its JUNE!!!

I've been HORRIBLE with the family budget lately. So, DH and I are seeing what we can do.

June Grocery Budget: 300$

Its up a little since we are going to California, and I plan to bring snacks with us. DS is now on milk instead of formula(Yup, hes a whole 1 year old now!), and hes almost done with jar baby foods.

Can I just say, we're already going though milk like crazy? I spotted a 3/5$ sale so I'll have to make my way over there.