Friday, June 12, 2009

My frugal scrapbooking trip!

If your someone from mommysavers, you might have already seen this, but if you havent, here it is!

I got 21$ for my 21st birthday(its on Sunday!) so of course, I've gotta go to the craft store. Heres my deals!

3 pieces of 12x12 paper! 40% off
2 8x8 albums orginally 14.99-50% off = paid 7.50$ EACH!
zots(glue dots) 40% off store coupon originally 3.49 = paid 2.09$
spring set of clear stamps- 60% off! Originally 4.99 = paid 2$!

total: 21.34$
saved: 20.07$

i couldnt resist!

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