Thursday, October 8, 2009

October Grocery Budget!

325$ is our budget for 2 adults and a 17 month old!!

Oct. 1st- Smiths
3 packages spanish rice
2 bottles apple juice
2 cans black beans
1 can kidney beans
chili mix
capri sun-FREE
8 bottles powerade
5 bottles sobe life water
1 can beef broth
1 can tomato paste
huggies wipes
kit kat-free!!!
20 oz diet coke
2 yogurts
12pk soda
2 liter 7 up
2 lean cusine meals
2 stoffers lasangas
gerber oatmeal
luvs mega pack-2$ off!!
2 packs english muffins-BOGO free
red baron pizza singles
3 jars baby food

Total: 91.94
saved with coupon and store card: 28.56

Oct 5-Smiths
2 bottles apple juice
1 gallon milk

total: 4.69
saved with store card: 2.58

Left of October Budget:228.37$
total saved so far in October:31.14$

Monday, September 21, 2009

Eek!! I've been MIA...again!

A fellow mommysavers member was asking about blogging, and I've been so busy, but right now DS is running around and DH is playing xbox. I think I have a few minutes.

I've already started my christmas shopping! Since we're going on 1 income, ive had to think about this a little bit. I've already gotten a few things though :)

* For DS, I cashed in some pamper points and got him a ring stacker for 40 points! Its made of wood and all that fun stuff. He'll have a blast! I've also been going through free samples and getting him things from there. He's gotten a small box of honey nut cherrios for his stocking. He LOVES thoses!!! Plus, I've collected some free DVDs over the year that i'll throw in there!

*For my mom, I got some more free samples of body wash and soaps and I had a loopha that was brand new for her stocking. She will also be getting some books from

Do you need more ideas? How about some homemade gift baskets? Just think of a theme and add to it!

-If you have a book lover: find a pretty basket and add a book or two(i usually get used books that look brand new from or my local used book store with my store credit), a bookmark(even better if you can make it homemade!!!), a book light and a snack or two. Wah-la!

-I did this one for my dad last year. A movie gift basket! I had gotten him a movie with my employee discount when I worked at Hollywood Video. Usually around Christmas time they have a deal where if you buy their movies used, they will give you a new case and shrinkwrap it. Nobody will ever know ;). Well anyways, add in a movie and your classic movie treats: popcorn, some candy and a soda. Check out the dollar stores for some awesome deals. Or buy some candy on clearance after Halloween is over!

-Spa gift basket. Theres many ways to make your own bath salts for half the price! Find a pretty jar and add a ribbon! Add in some bubblebath, soaps or shower gels.

-If your crafty, theres so many things you can make! I joined a few recipe swaps on where I made 26 of one recipe, they'll be swapped with others, and I will get 25 other types of recipes back! You can give it to friends or family that likes to cook! So easy! Tie it up with a pretty ribbon. Of course you can also make sets of cards, scrapbooks or a stationary set.

So...lets sum it up!

-Check it has CDs, DVDs, Video Games and books. I've never had a problem with anything I've recieved.

-Bartering! On I traded a portible DVD player for some winter clothes for DS that looked brand new. :)

-Go to used bookstores. That way you know right there exactly what condition its in.

-Free samples work great as stocking stuffers!!

So, I hope that helps! Let me know if you have some great ideas of your own!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

I'm baacck!! August Grocery Budget!

June was hectic! I'm glad its over...We had my 21st birthday, a family reunion...and some trouble. All is good now. July went by TOO FAST, and now its August!! So, we're back on track, trying to save some money to move out. I sat DH down and he looked over our budget. :)

So, August...Grocery Budget!! Ready!!

Set Budget: 340$. 2 adults, 1 1-year old. Includes diapers, wipes and groceries.

Lins-fondue night! ahhhhh!

gruyere cheese
frozen pretzels
3 packages cheese
total: 23.75


1lb ground beef
5 pk mac and cheese
rice krispies
12 pk sams cola
diapers 70 pk
4 pk gatorade
2 jars 3rd baby foods
vitamin D 1 gallon milk
hot dog buns

coupon savings 1$
total: 33.10

left of budget: 283.15$


12 pk rootbeer
vanilla ice cream
1 pk shredded cheese
saltine crackers

total: 10.88


Cocoa pebbles
grenadine syrup
5-32oz gatorades
2 boxes poptarts
cottonelle tp
2 packs cookie mix
organic oatmeal
nos energy drink
6 cans ice tea
2 blocks cheese
2 cream cheses
altoids mints
orange juice
sunny d smoothie
french bread
2 frozen pizzas
eggo waffles
4 packs goldfish
animal crackers
corn chips

total: 74.97
saved in coupons: 39.52


2 taco seasoning packets
chex mix bars

total: 6.57

left in budget: 190.73
total saved in coupons: 40.52

I've got some more recipts around here somewhere!!! Hmm...I think just one!

I'm also working on getting DH to do a meal plan! It would help me so much to have one! But he changes his mind easily!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Grocery Recipt

6/15Big Lots
Honey Nut Cherrios
Gatorade protein recover
16 gatorades
4 pk white tea
10 gerber graduate sides
6 pk diet pepsi
party mix
energy drink
pampers wipes
5- 6pk organic baby food
3-2pk gerber food

total: 49.01

2 red bulls
2 liter coke
cocktail mix

total: 10.68
saved with store card: 0.49

left of budget 82.79$

Monday, June 15, 2009

Approved Spending List-Week One. 6/15-6/21

Heres my Approved Spending List for FTJ Summer bootcamp at Mommysavers!

Week One:
-Groceries. We're going to use up what we have, but still get things as needed.

-Gas. When Needed. FTJ will fall for our 3 day vacation for our trip to California.

-Postage. Fathers day, mommysavers trade(mailed!), stamps(Got stamps!).

-20$ for alcohol :-P (Used, went over 5$)

-30$/week for my Husband.

-Medication copays.

-30$ entertainment (dine out, movies, rentals, ect)

*I'm editing as I go!

Grocery Recipt-6/14

159.54 Left of Grocery Budget

6 pk soda
1 lb ground beef
flour tortillas

total: 17.06

Left of grocery budget: 142.48

Friday, June 12, 2009

FTJ-Summer bootcamp!

If anyone has read this before, I did the Forget the Joneses bootcamp on Mommysavers in Jaunary. I'm in for another round! DH and I have slacked a little but we really want to save and get everything under control. He's on board with the bootcamp! Yay!

The first assignment is our approved spending list. Zack and I will be doing this tonight or tomarrow and it will be posted shortly!