Sunday, August 9, 2009

I'm baacck!! August Grocery Budget!

June was hectic! I'm glad its over...We had my 21st birthday, a family reunion...and some trouble. All is good now. July went by TOO FAST, and now its August!! So, we're back on track, trying to save some money to move out. I sat DH down and he looked over our budget. :)

So, August...Grocery Budget!! Ready!!

Set Budget: 340$. 2 adults, 1 1-year old. Includes diapers, wipes and groceries.

Lins-fondue night! ahhhhh!

gruyere cheese
frozen pretzels
3 packages cheese
total: 23.75


1lb ground beef
5 pk mac and cheese
rice krispies
12 pk sams cola
diapers 70 pk
4 pk gatorade
2 jars 3rd baby foods
vitamin D 1 gallon milk
hot dog buns

coupon savings 1$
total: 33.10

left of budget: 283.15$


12 pk rootbeer
vanilla ice cream
1 pk shredded cheese
saltine crackers

total: 10.88


Cocoa pebbles
grenadine syrup
5-32oz gatorades
2 boxes poptarts
cottonelle tp
2 packs cookie mix
organic oatmeal
nos energy drink
6 cans ice tea
2 blocks cheese
2 cream cheses
altoids mints
orange juice
sunny d smoothie
french bread
2 frozen pizzas
eggo waffles
4 packs goldfish
animal crackers
corn chips

total: 74.97
saved in coupons: 39.52


2 taco seasoning packets
chex mix bars

total: 6.57

left in budget: 190.73
total saved in coupons: 40.52

I've got some more recipts around here somewhere!!! Hmm...I think just one!

I'm also working on getting DH to do a meal plan! It would help me so much to have one! But he changes his mind easily!

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