Monday, September 21, 2009

Eek!! I've been MIA...again!

A fellow mommysavers member was asking about blogging, and I've been so busy, but right now DS is running around and DH is playing xbox. I think I have a few minutes.

I've already started my christmas shopping! Since we're going on 1 income, ive had to think about this a little bit. I've already gotten a few things though :)

* For DS, I cashed in some pamper points and got him a ring stacker for 40 points! Its made of wood and all that fun stuff. He'll have a blast! I've also been going through free samples and getting him things from there. He's gotten a small box of honey nut cherrios for his stocking. He LOVES thoses!!! Plus, I've collected some free DVDs over the year that i'll throw in there!

*For my mom, I got some more free samples of body wash and soaps and I had a loopha that was brand new for her stocking. She will also be getting some books from

Do you need more ideas? How about some homemade gift baskets? Just think of a theme and add to it!

-If you have a book lover: find a pretty basket and add a book or two(i usually get used books that look brand new from or my local used book store with my store credit), a bookmark(even better if you can make it homemade!!!), a book light and a snack or two. Wah-la!

-I did this one for my dad last year. A movie gift basket! I had gotten him a movie with my employee discount when I worked at Hollywood Video. Usually around Christmas time they have a deal where if you buy their movies used, they will give you a new case and shrinkwrap it. Nobody will ever know ;). Well anyways, add in a movie and your classic movie treats: popcorn, some candy and a soda. Check out the dollar stores for some awesome deals. Or buy some candy on clearance after Halloween is over!

-Spa gift basket. Theres many ways to make your own bath salts for half the price! Find a pretty jar and add a ribbon! Add in some bubblebath, soaps or shower gels.

-If your crafty, theres so many things you can make! I joined a few recipe swaps on where I made 26 of one recipe, they'll be swapped with others, and I will get 25 other types of recipes back! You can give it to friends or family that likes to cook! So easy! Tie it up with a pretty ribbon. Of course you can also make sets of cards, scrapbooks or a stationary set.

So...lets sum it up!

-Check it has CDs, DVDs, Video Games and books. I've never had a problem with anything I've recieved.

-Bartering! On I traded a portible DVD player for some winter clothes for DS that looked brand new. :)

-Go to used bookstores. That way you know right there exactly what condition its in.

-Free samples work great as stocking stuffers!!

So, I hope that helps! Let me know if you have some great ideas of your own!!