Tuesday, March 31, 2009

April Grocery Budget!

We're in for 280$ again! I'd better get a move on with coupons and such! I'd already gone shopping for the first week. I'll need to edit this post later to put in the total so far.

We are also doing a 3 week spending freeze again!

The bad news: My truck fuel pump broke! The place we got it towed wanted to charge us 900$ NOT including labor. Next place I called wanted 710$ including labor, the next place wanted 615$ including labor, and then I called my dad and just told me that my husband(oh, btw, I got married!) would be able to do it himself, no problem. So I called the auto parts store, and they charge 282$ for the part! I love that now I know how to look around for the best deal!! LOL anyways...the pump is on the approved spending list!

Also, soon, my other blog will be my 'business' I guess you can say. Handmade by Jessica! I'll be selling my homemade cards, as a hobby, to support my craft store addiction. Either way, if nothing happens with it, I can still give the cards away as gifts for birthdays and christmas and such.

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