Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I love this feeling!

Theres a total of 300$ left on both of our credit cards! This will be paid off really soon, and I'm so excited! We paid off most of it with our tax refund which was great. They keep uping my limit on there after almost 3 years of having the card. It started at 700$ and now is up to 3,000$ which is bad....but it all happened within a few months.

So...Heres my March grocery budget....already over!:(

Starting budget: 280$
Walmart. 117.79$ - saved in coupons 4.65$
Walmart. 97.52$ - saved in coupons 9.35$
Smiths 24.09$ - saved in coupons/and store card 10.74$
Big Lots 3.42$
Walgreens 8.98$
Smiths 25.89$ - saved in coupons 2.25$
Smiths 30.18$ - saved in coupons 7.28$

total: 307.87$ saved in coupons 34.27$
HORRIBLE! Over by 27.87$

My boyfriend and I are on another spending freeze. We have our approved list, and our grocery budget is going to be 280$ for April. I'm going to go shopping weekly with a budget of 70$to see if its easier for me to shop for the week. We'll see how it goes...I might switch back in the middle of the month.

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