Friday, February 6, 2009


I hate being super I ended it today. I had a bunch of stuff to do, and got most of it done. I'm just waiting on laundry to dry. Zack even vacummed for me!

So, I also went grocery shopping yesterday...but since I live in Utah and the wind SUCKS, my recipt blew away. I had to pick up other items that are not included in my grocery there for, I dont know the EXACT total. Its going to drive me NUTS! I have to estimate. AHHHH.

I also made a bunch of Valentines day gifts. :) Maybe I'll take a picture. I had alot of fun.

My son has been asleep for a few hours..and im so bored. That kid has been at my hip since day 1. LOL sometimes I'm praying for a naptime, and now I want him to wake up so we can play!

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