Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Day 34 FTJ Bootcamp Activity

Schedule Important Things First

Are your actions in sync with your priorities? Are you putting your money where your priorities are? Revisit your Family Mission Statement. Then, take a look at your recent expenditures of both money AND time. Are they in line with your values, dreams and goals?

If not, you’re not alone. Many families today act in ways that aren’t congruent with their priorities. They say they value their child's education, but Mom spends $50 a month getting manicures and Dad eats his lunches out while contributing nothing to the college fund. Although they say security and responsibility is important, they don’t have updated wills or are underinsured. Does this ring a bell? By scheduling your top-priority things first, you’re ensuring that they will get done.

Now that you’ve created a mission statement, your family’s priorities should be clear. It will help you schedule important things on your priority list first, and then other things will fall into place afterward. If you answered this thread If you had an extra hour in your day... is there a way you can schedule these things first in your day? Doing so may also help you eliminate some of your time-wasters as well as allow you to incorporate more time to work on your dreams. In doing so, you’ll improve the quality of your life.

Daily Tasks
Make it a habit to always write down the top 5-10 things you want to accomplish each day. Use whatever method suits your lifestyle best: a notebook, a computer tasks list, or a dayplanner. Research shows that list makers accomplish more. Be one of them!

The “Big Stuff” To Do List
If you’ve been reading the FTJ steps, chances are there was at least one step you realized was important but avoided doing it. Maybe you didn’t have time, it didn’t sound like fun. Maybe there are other less financially focused things on your to-do list as well such as scheduling doctor visits.Stop procrastinating! Write down all the important things you are procrastinating on and post them where you see them each day. Make it a goal to cross of each and every one as soon as possible. You’ll feel better about yourself after doing them.

The Big Picture
Keep one master family calendar in a central location in your home. Pick a calendar with ample room for writing all events and activities. Schedule birthdays, programs, and everything you know about in advance first. Then, be proactive in scheduling yearly checkups, car maintenance, and other routine appointments.

Keep your family’s mission statement in mind and plan things that reflect your values: donating your time to charity, fitness routines, and family trips. Lastly, fill in things that come up such as parties, school activities and other obligations. Assign each family member a color and highlight the activities that pertain to them.

Assignment: Create a a “Big Stuff’ to do list. Start making it a habit to also create a daily "to do" list.

Love this! And I love my day planner! Everynight, I write what I need to do the next day. Updating my blog was one of them! Go me! I need to get a calender for us so Zack knows whats coming up!

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