Sunday, February 8, 2009

Grocery Recipts!

So, I think I buy WAY TOO MUCH JUNK FOOD! Its driving me nuts. I will go over the boyfriends (POST IT LIST) of foods he will eat, and get pleanty of that. I just need to find him some stuff he can take to work with him.

2/2 Walmart
10 jars beechnut baby food
36pk parents choice diapers
hair gel

total: 15.90
coupon savings: 1.00

2/8 Smiths
(2)Boxes rice krispie treats
Nos energy drink
(2)pks cookie dough
cough drops
Snap pea crisps(ive been wanting to try these...i thought i could only get them at bulk from amazon since i live in a small town! they were even on markdown!)
2 liter Dr. Pepper
Breyers Ice Cream
Ice Cream Sandwiches
Sunday Paper

Total: 7.26$
coupon/store savings: 20.12$

Left of Budget: 139.44$

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