Tuesday, December 9, 2008

December 4 Recipt!

My December Budget: $275
Spent at Smiths: 116.87$
Saved 47.06$ (6.85$ coupons, 40.21$ store card)

What I got:
5- Gatorades 32oz
3-Refried Beans
2-Kidney Beans
2-Black Beans
Ocean Spray Cran/grape juice
Pop Tarts
3-Hamburger helper microwave cups
Honey Bunches of oats (2$ a box)
Rice Crispy Treats
Folgers coffee
Dish Soap
2 Packages of shreded cheese
2-pillsberry cookie dough
Gillette Body Wash (1.99$-had 2$ off coupon)
Eggs - Large (.99 cents..woo!)
6-ind. pints ice cream
2-ground beef
3-2 liter diet cokes
Digiorno pizza for one
Hot pockets
bag of frozen corn
tombstone pizza
kroger waffles
pizza rolls (90 count for 6$)
Tostitos chips
Doritos single packs
2-cups of cookies
2 boxes of townhouse flip chips (3.36$ -had 1$ coupon)
9 jars of beechnut baby food
4 bottles of beechnut applejuice
4 loafs of Sara Lee White Bread (buy one get one free...comes out to 1.58$ per loaf)
Mission Tortillas (i found out what I paid for these where a horrible price...shame on me! They are half the price at walmart!)

Smiths had some deals going on this day, and I picked up these: 25% off ALL frozen foods, saved 5.84$ on that, the eggs, saved .53 cents, and the tostitos chips, saved 2.08$

Budget left for dec. 158.13$

note: I wish I would have had time to go to multiple stores! I didnt this trip, but next time I will.

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