Friday, December 5, 2008

My First Post!

I started keeping my recipts and also started doing a price book from them. I didnt take a picture of what I have gotten, but I thought I'd share my Thanksgiving shopping trip with you!

This at Smiths' Food and Drug:
Total Savings(Including store card and coupons): 78.70$ (23.75$ COUPONS & 54.95$ STORE SAVINGS)
Total spent: 119.04$

Top Savings:
  • FREE Butterball TURKEY (from boyfriends work) Saved 17.11$
  • My boyfriend goes though Gatorades like crazy..just the G2's! The Fruit Punch G2's we're marked 3/1.00$. .33 cents each when they are usually 1.09, and last trip to the store, they had rasied them 10 cents!
  • The stores brand of broth was 3/1.00 :)
  • Bryers(is that the correct name...something around there!) Ice Cream were 2/5$ plus a free A&W Rootbeer. I had a store coupon for 1.50$ off TWO of the Ice Creams.
  • Cottonelle TP-12 pk double roll was on sale for 5.99, had a coupon for 1$ off. .42 cents a roll. TP's about the only thing I splurge on!

That was my top savings. The boyfriend was just as excited as I was for saving 78$.

My December total savings post will be more accurate. I'm making sure to save EVERY recipt, and to follow my budget of 275$ a month for food and baby supplies strictly!

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