Sunday, December 14, 2008

Frugal Meals

A few weeks ago, I watched on the news as 2 people went to the store, and spent 20$ or less and fed their family of four for the entire day. I was amazed! Looking back before my son was born, my boyfriend and I were going to the store weekly, and spending about 100$ each time. HORRIBLE! Now I'm amazed we can go every 2 weeks and we've cut our bill by about half. But, its kind of simple for us. My boyfriend is one VERY picky eater. All the things that he eats fits on a post it note. This is what I form our meals around! Good thing hes picky for simple things like burritos with NO veggies and quesidillas. I eat different things then he does because I'm very very VERY tired of eating pizza!

A Favorite Frugal Recipe of Mine:
I LOVE beans! Not to mention they fill you up, but you can get them very inexpecivly. My mom had seen this on a cooking know they ones they show on Saturday mornings? YUM!!
She calls it Black Bean soup, but I just call it Bean Soup.

2 cans of each: Black Beans, Kidney Beans, and Refried Beans and a batch of fresh Salsa.
Pour all the beans into a pot on the stovetop and turn it to medium/high. Then in a skillet, pour the salsa and simmer that until its cooked. Pour the salsa in with the beans and enjoy! Make sure to kick it down to low so the beans don't burn!

Can't beat fast meals. You can always add some broth in with it if its too thick.

Price: 5.04$

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