Wednesday, January 14, 2009

1/14 grocery trip!

Starting January Budget: 240$
Left before this trip: 90.50$

Walmart 1/14
(2)Red Baron Frozen Pizza
GV Tortillas
Sourdough cocktail bread
bananna nut bread
1/2 lb roast beef
12pk propel
(2) packs shredded cheese
ground beef
healthy choice mixer
taco bell mild sauce
12 pk water
(2)GV refried beans
(2)GV black beans
12 pk ramen noodles
parents choice diapers
GV cookies
(2)cookie dough
cashe valley string cheese
(4)jars beechnut baby food
(3)jars gerber baby food
gillette mens body wash
(2)ocean spray cran grape
6pk doritos

total: 71.45
coupon savings: 5.50

(2) 32oz Gatorade
Johnsons Baby Washclothes(CLOSEOUT, with coupon I got this for .78cents)
Dannon Yogurt(FREE!)
(3) Lean Cusine Frozen Meals
quaker quakes-apple cinnimon(FREE)
(6)2 pk gerber stage 2

total: 14.37
coupon savings(including store card savings): 11.36

(3)box chex mix bars
sweetheart candy
hair conditioner
total: 7.84
coupon savings(including deals): 6.82

Total for today: 93.66
Total coupon savings for today:23.68

* I KNOW I'm going to go over this month, I still might need an extra can of formula towards the end of the month, and pick up a few items for lunches...blahhh. Next month my budget will be 270$* I have predicted myself to go over by 25 dollars this month. We've also added to our budget an extra 20$ or so for stockpiling when things have a great sale.

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