Friday, January 30, 2009

Feb. 09 Grocery Budget

I started a few days early. I've kicked it up a little because my sons eating. I've counted...he eats about 22 jars a food a week! Plus 4-5 juice bottles a week. And then the boyfriend is a whole different story. He wont eat genaric tortillas...its pathetic. But either way, I made homemade tortilla chips :)

Set Budget: 280$

1/30 Grocery Recipts

(4) Juicy Juice
(2) 4pk Cottonelle TP
(2) Rice Krispie Treats
(2)boxes Nature Valley Granola bars
(2)boxes Chex Mix Bars
(2)cans Black Beans
(2)boxes Jiffy corn bread mix
16 pk string cheese
(3)bags of shredded cheese
fresh salsa
2 things of ground beef
(4)2 liters pepsi
(3)Lean Cusine Frozen Meals
(3)Tombstone Frozen Pizzas
(2)boxes Hot Pockets
(2)bags Doritos chips
Keebler Party mix
Mac&Cheese crackers
(2)bags ranch flavored goldfish
bag of fritos
(2) 2pk beechnut goodnight baby food(GRR, they dont sell my sons favorite kind at walmart anymore)
(4)pks lunch meat
hormel pepperoni
Frozen bean burrito
(2)english muffins

Spent: 95.90$
Saved(coupons and including store card): 48.45$


Hamburger Buns
(2)boxes crutons
Axe Deoderant
(14)jars beechnut baby food
beechnut juice

Spent: 21.50$
Saved: 3.25$

Spent: 117.40$
Saved: 51.70$
Left of Budget: 162.60$

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