Thursday, January 1, 2009

January Grocery Budget

My Budget: $240.00

Spent at Smiths 117.99$ Saved 38.96$
Ocean Spray Cran Grape
(2) Kroger Beef Broth
(5) 32oz G2 gatorades
Kroger Sugar
Just Bunches Cereal
(2) Kroger Refried Beans
(2)Kroger Red Beans
(2)Kroger Kindney Beans
(2)Kroger Shredded Cheese
Chex Mix Bars
Easy Mac
Mission Tortillas
(2) cheese sticks
Brownie Cookie Dough
Tropicana OJ
4 2-liter sodas
Eggo Frozen Waffles
(6)Lean Cusine Frozen Meals
(2)Beechnut Infant Juice
(2)Frozen Pizzas
(2)boxes 100calorie packs
(2) Sara Lee Bread
Hungry Jack Pancake Mix
Kroger Pan Spray
NP Vanilla Soy Milk

Left of Budget: 122.01

This was on my approved budget. Things I avoided today: I didnt get the slim fast because I dont need it, I just like how it tastes, and I didnt get any baby food! We have so much in our cabnet, I want to finish it up and not buy more since we're in the spending freeze. I also avoided getting extra diapers. I bought some before the freeze, I might have to get more towards the end though. So I avoided: 22$ :)

Last Night, I went though our pantry, and pulled out what we could have for meals. I found 2 boxes of spegetti and 2 jars of spegetti sauce, 2 boxes unopened cherrios, pulled out all of my sons baby food and juices, an extra box of mac and cheese, instant oatmeal, ramen noodles, instant lunch, granola bars, juice, and there was so much more in there! That alone would feed us for about a week, so that will help during the spending freeze, this will help us last longer thoughout the month. So, Go check your pantry to see what you have just sitting around in there.

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Anonymous said...

my dh is going grocery shopping sunday. I dread it because he's not on board with this FTJ at all....