Saturday, January 10, 2009

Day 10 AND 11 FTJ Bootcamp Activity

Copied from mommysavers

Your Priority Assignment this weekend is to catch up with what I've already thrown your way.

There's a reason this is called a Boot Camp. We're definitely trying to make some big strides in a short period of time. However, I want to also ensure your success so I'll give you the weekend to catch up and regroup. Come Monday, we're going to be hitting some of the financial projects pretty hard once again... so be prepared!

So far, you should:
*Be on the second week of a 3-week spending freeze(CHECK!)
*Have a Net Worth Statement(CHECK!)
*Have started a Gratitude or "5 Things" Journal to track the positive things in your life on a daily basis(CHECK!)
*Have a Family Mission Statement(CHECK!)
*Have a list of 100 dreams and a working list of 25 goals for the year, broken down into manageable steps(CHECK!)
*Know what your current cost of living is based on the past six months expenses(Kinda CHECK! I got my spending report from my bank for the last 16 months. I need to sort through it and such)

As a fun BONUS ASSIGNMENT for those who are caught up or feeling especially ambitious, we're going to be creating Dream Boards or Vision Boards. If you're inside with kids today, have them create one too. You may get a kick out of what they add! I did this with my daughter last year, and most of her things came straight out of the toy catalogs we had around the house.

You can even create a FAMILY VISION BOARD based on your mission statement.

Bonus Assigmnment: Create a Vision Board

You can do this with a bulletin board or with a big piece of tagboard or cardboard. Your assignment is to take magazines, photographs, computer printouts, quotes, words, and other images that represent visions of what you would like to accomplish in your life and attach them to your board. If you want to go to Italy, cut out an image of Tuscany (or Milan, Venice, etc). If you want to develop better relationships with your siblings, include pictures of you together in happy times. If you'd like to read more, include pictures of the books you'd like to read, and so on.

If you don't have enought to work with at home already, you can frequently find old magazines in the magazine exchange area of your library for this. You can also create printouts of photographs, inspirational quotes and affirmation statements right on your computers.

Keep your board in a place that you see every day. I keep mine right by my computer. Some people keep images on their computer desktop and see them every time they boot up their computer in the morning. When you look at the images, allow yourself to really FEEL yourself accomplishing them. Let your emotion fuel the fire and truly MOTIVATE you.

*Good thing tomarrow to-do list just includes laundry! I have also added to catch up on FTJ projects!*

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