Thursday, January 1, 2009

FTJ:Bootcamp 2009 @ MOMMYSAVERS.COM! is a great website! I've mentioned it before but this time its for a different reason. Mommysavers has come up with a program called "Forget the Joneses Bootcamp" Its to get finacially stable and back on track. Check it out! I will be doing my blogging for this activity on my personal blog. This is a six week program. If your interested, its never to late to jump in! Todays the first day!

A little info: From 1/1/09-1/21/09 We are in a spending freeze. This will help to avoid impulse buys and to use what you have already!

Day One Activity:
Approved Spending List:
  • Gas
  • Groceries(My January Budget is 240$)
  • A wedding present
  • My boyfriend will get 30$/week for whatever he wants
  • 25 pictures to get printed for January Crop ( scrapbooking at
  • Car seat for my son who has just about out-grown his carrier
  • SwapTree package U.S. Mail
  • 2 Baby gifts with 3 Mailings

I guess we can add to this to go along. Honestly, I'm scared for these 3 weeks, but I know I'll keep using the things I've learned from the program even if I dont meet our goal.

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Anonymous said...

Hey there!! Thanks for subbing to my blog!! This will be the 1st time I've done this and I must admit I'm quite scared of the spending freeze. My hubby is NOT on board AT ALL so I'm not sure what I can do....give myself a personal spending freeze??