Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Day 19 FTJ Bootcamp Activity

Create A Grocery Price Book!

Lovely! I've had this done for awhile. So I will make my assignment to UPDATE! I have a gazillion recipts I need to put in there. Also, I'm going to put it on a spreadsheet and possibly upload it to my phone.

Info from mommysavers:

Start with the 25-50 products your family uses most often. To get a good idea of which items to include, look at what’s currently in your pantry and start from there. Or, save your grocery cash register receipts for a period of time. Most of them will include information such as the brand/product purchased, the date, and some will even include the size of the product.

My spreadsheet includes these rows: item, store, date purchased. Many people also include the size of the item so that they can compute the price per ounce. You may find that most of the things you buy come in pretty standard sizes (for example a can of cream of mushroom soup, a block of cream cheese, etc.) and that this isn’t always necessary.

You may also want to include the brand name of products you buy in your price book, especially if you prefer one brand over another. That way, you can evaluate whether buying a name brand is worth paying the extra money, or in some cases you may notice that the brand name doesn’t cost any more than the generic counterpart.

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