Saturday, January 10, 2009

1/9/09 Recept

Starting Budget:240$
Left Of Budget: 105.42

Walmart 14.92$
Vitamin D Milk
(2) Gerber 2nd foods
Beechnut 2nd foods 2 pack
Propel 12 pk
Sams Club 24pk diet soda

Coupon Savings: 1$

Left Of Budget: 90.50$

Note! I had also bought a carseat, but it ended up it wasn't a rear facing one(my son is almost 8 months old) and I had looked online at because I was going to return it and I still needed another one. Anyways, the SAME carseat was 139.99$ ONLINE but I had bought it at the store for 180$! RIPOFF!! At the bottom of it had said that prices may be different from store to website, but 40$ is ridiculous! I'm glad it was the wrong one anyways. BLAH!!

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