Saturday, January 24, 2009

1/21/09 Grocery Recipt

Oh yes, even though I'm OVER in my still had to be done!

Walmart! 22.15$

slice of coffee cake
on the go twix pack
snack mix
sausage links
flour tortillas
Parents Choice Formula
(2)ground beef
(4) rice-a-roni
(2)6pk popcorn
(2)Juicy Juice
5pk Mac and Cheese
(2)Gerber Infant Juices
2pk Ibuprofen
(4)bottles beechnut juice
(5)jars of beechnut 1st foods
(20)jars of beechnut 2nd foods
(2)Taco Bell taco seasoning
little box of Altoids mints
40 pk Parents Choice Diapers
12 pk diet soda

LOL...okay, I cheated. I had a 50$ gift card
Saved in coupons:11.25
left in grocery budget: -25.31

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